keyboard notes for Pal by KK

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by painiitr, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. painiitr

    painiitr New Member

    hi guyz

    :nw: could anyone plz provide me the keyboard notes for the song Pyaar ke Pal by KK?
  2. apoorve_g

    apoorve_g New Member


    Hey i v attached the notes for the song in the file. i hope its what u want.
    Do send feedback ;)

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  3. painiitr

    painiitr New Member

    Hi apoorve

    thanks for the notes, they sound gr8, though i'd like to suggest one change.

    the fourth line should read

    C C E* E* D* C D* , not C C D*E* D*C D*
  4. pranita@

    pranita@ New Member

    can these notes b used for piano
  5. Thaya

    Thaya New Member

    Hi could anyone tell me what the notes for unnai kaanadhe kannum old song thanks

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