Keyboard Notes: Chhuukar Mere Man Ko (Movie: Yaarana)

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    Language : Hindi
    Song : Chhuukar Mere Man Ko
    Movie : Yaarana
    Defaults : s r2 g3 m1 p d2 n3 (unless otherwise specified. See Legend for more details)

    Original Link:

    NOTE: Click on the quote button to verify the actual position of notes along lyrics.

    Legend for the notes:
    s = sa = C
    r1 = ri 1 = C#
    r2 = ri 2 = D
    g2 = ga 2 = D#
    g3 = ga 3 = E
    m1 = ma 1 = F
    m2 = ma 2 = F#
    p = pa = G
    d1 = da 1 = G#
    d2 = da 2 = A
    n2 = ni 2 = A#
    n3 = ni 3 = B
    S = sa = C [next octave; higher "sa"]
    R1 ...

    Notes: s

    Scale/Key: C (not necessarily original but chose to align the chords with the scale of the notes)

    chhuukar, mere man ko, kiyaa tuune, kyaa ishaaraa
    g g r s n r p d n n s rg s
    . . . . .
    C G G C

    badalaaaa ye mausam, lage pyaaraa jag saara....
    p p p dp mg m d n n n n dn S S ndSg
    C F G C


    Charanam 1

    tuu jo kahe jiivan bhar, tere liye mai.n gaauu.N,
    g m m g s p g g p p d dndp pd d S

    tere liye mai.N gaauu.N,
    p d n2d m gmr g p
    F C

    giit tere bolo.n pe likhataa chalaa jaauu.N,
    g m m g s p g g p p d dndp pd d S

    likhataa chalaa jaauu.N,
    p d n2 d m gmr g p
    F C

    mereae giito.n me.n, tujhe Dhuu.NDhe jag saaraa
    p p dp mg m d n n n nSn d n S S
    C F G C

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    Thanks a lot. Good job.

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