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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Double Click, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    I need a keyboard amp / mini PA to complement the Sansamp Tri AC I plan to get. Are there any models you guys recommend?
    Has anyone treid the Laney CK-30?
    Should I just get a Marshall MG30DFX instead?
    How bout the stranger PM100?

    It will be used for small gigs and home practice. Budget 5-10K.
  2. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    I've heard a guy play through the Laney at Furtado's. It sounded quite good but I can't give an opinion not having played through it myself. You could also try the Roland Keyboard amps..very high fidelity sound...the 30 W is for 12 k and the 60 W is for 18.
    I wouldnt recommend the Marshall with the Tri-Ac since it will colour your sound.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You still hung up on Tri AC?

    That bajaao fellow is not reachable.
  4. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    Yep.. I'm still hung up on the Tri AC arent u?

    Oddly enough the Bajaao guy's phone is not reachable now, but he replys to emls (sent through the contact us link) within one or two days!!!

    And now it looks like I'm gonna have to look for a different guitar, the price they quoted for the Damien FR was waaaaay too high :mad:

    Well... I guess I'll have to take a look at the Roland amps now :think:
  5. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!


    He is not responding to my emails also.
    Ask him about how to place order + transport etc, how is he going to send it + charges etc.
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    One more thing - Checkout Ronnies Solid State amp.
  7. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    They ship through Gati........ the rest of the info is on their website.
  8. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    Yes, I will check out ronnie's amp...jus not free this week.
  9. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Well all that is fine.
    Now how do yo udo the payement?

    Transfer money to some UTI Banki account?
    What about receipt etc?

    Thats what I was talking about when I said sometime back "why havent they kept the TriAC on their website"
    If they do that, I can pay thru credit card.

    That is equivalent to receipt + since it is creadit card payement, any delivery issues (or malfunctioning unit) can be resolved easily.

    However, once you deposit the check, you can hardly do anything other than cry on phone (if anything is wrong with your Tri AC).
  10. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    abhijitnath , which 30w are you talking about? The only Roland I could find on the website is the KC60 and thats 60w......not to mention out of my budget
  11. abhijitnath

    abhijitnath Fighting GAS frantically

    Dunno what the model no. is..the guy at Shalu musicals told me the 30W Roland keyboard amp is for 12k..will ask him and tell you the model no.
    BTW you are Jayanth, aren't you?:)
  12. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    DC you didnt answer my question?
  13. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    If you owe him money or equipment......then yes I am Jayanth :beer:

    Actually no I am not Jayanth....He's the one with a Warlock shaped bass rite?

    Any idea how much the Laney CK30 looks decent on paper and the reverb could prove useful

    @alpha1 -- I am not sure about that......I think there is an option for COD.

    Listen maan post a review of your V honest and brutal...I'm thinking of orderin a guitar from Tulasi too, and i want some first hand info.
  14. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    Got the prices for the Laney CK30 and the CK80 .....They were posted here in the Furatdo's price list :eek::

    So, CK30 - 8K & CK 80 11K ....... Has anyone here used either of these amps??
  15. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Will do.

    But you can have my simple recommendation:
    for that price, I doubt if you an get any better piece of guitar.

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