Keeravani from Anveshana

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  1. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Could anyone post the tabs for the songs keervani from the movie Anveshana, this is an awesome piece by our Genius Ilayaraja.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    Anyone plzzz..

    guitarBala, telugu gurus anyone, will appreciate all the help with this..
  3. jimmy700us

    jimmy700us New Member

    okei the chords for this song are Dm.Am G, C, F. E. the whole song goes in these chords... now use ur head and try figuring which chord comes where.
  4. y_muralee

    y_muralee New Member

    thanks a ton !

    Thanks a ton Bro ! Will give it a shot and let u know the feedback.

    Also if possible please post the tabs for the intro part of the song.


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