Kazaa backs plan that could spell an end to the days of free music

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by NuageOutlaw, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. NuageOutlaw

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    The world's most popular song-swapping network, Kazaa, has thrown its weight behind a plan to start billing song swappers for their music downloads.The proposal, which could finally end the days of the free lunch for millions of music fans, has been put to big US record labels at the same time as a new legitimate version of the former file-swapping giant Napster is launched in the US.

    Kazaa now hopes the music industry will forget past grievances and tap into the cleaned up versions of the networks that already have millions of users, rather than build their own networks from scratch."The whole effort here is to go where the consumers are, to convert all that energy to selling licensed music," said Marty Lafferty, president of the Distributed Computing Industry Association. Nikki Hemming, the Sydney-based chief executive of Sharman Networks, which runs Kazaa, said the business model offered "great hope for the entertainment industry".

    Mr Lafferty predicted that within four years of the big record labels adopting the plan, online music sales would outperform traditional offline sales. By that time, he forecast, 1.8 billion licensed tracks would be downloaded a month, worth more than $1 billion a month in revenue.
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    That will never happen. As long as music and internet exists, people will find a way to share music. :cool:

    First Napster, then Audiogalaxy, then Morpheus, now KazaA.
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    Franky kazaa is living on borrowed time, sooner or later someone is gonna nail it. Ofcourse i would prefer later, but what they could do is...start the same p2p with another name.....provide some sorta migration tool and voila......hehehe:)

    Am i smart?:eek:

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