Kasme Waade Pyaar Wafa(Golden Hits Rewind) Guitar Chords

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    pran upkaar stills_500_500.jpg
    Song- Kasme Waade Pyaar Wafa
    Film- Upkaar(1967)
    Lyrics- Indeevar
    Music- Kalyanji-Anandji
    Singer- Manna Dey

    Chords: Today CONCLUDING my "Golden Hits Rewind" series in which I'ws covering one song from each Legendary Singers..in the last chapter of this series.. I present you a Immortal Classic from Manna Dey.. for which I've given you the correct chords in right scale.

    This song is my humble Tribute to Late Pran Sahab..

    RIP Pran Sahab

    {(F)Kasme waadein (Eb)pyaar wafaa sab..baatein hain baa(F)ton ka kyaa}-[2 times]

    (F)Koyi kisi ka na(F6)hi ye (Bb)jhoothhe..(A#m)naatein hain naa(C7)ton ka (F)kyaa..

    (F)Kasme waadein (Eb)pyaar wafaa sab..baatein hain baa(F)to ka kyaa..


    (F)Hoga ma(Bb)sihaaa..(Gm)aaa..aa (F)aaa..
    (F)hoga ma(Bb)siha (Eb)saamne (F)tere
    (Bb)phir bhi na (D)tu bachh (Gm)paaye(F)ga

    (F)Tera (Bb)apnaaa..(Gm)Aaa..(F)aaa..
    (F)Tera (Bb)apna (Eb)khoon hi (F)aakhir (Bb)tujhko (D)aag la(Gm)gaaye(F)ga

    (F)Aasmaan mein..(F7/D#)Aeyy..(F)Aey..
    (F)aasmaan mein (F7/D#)udne (F6)waale..(A#m)mitti (Eb)mein mil (C7)jaaye(F)ga..

    Kasme waadein pyaar wafaa part repeat


    (F)Sukh mein (Bb)tere..(Gm)aeyy..aey (F)Aeyy
    (F)Sukh mein (Bb)tere (Eb)saath cha(F)lengey,
    (Bb)Dukh mein (D)sab mukh (Gm)moden(F)gey

    (F)Duniya (Bb)waale..(Gm)Aeyy..(F)Aey..
    (F)Duniya (Bb)waale (Eb)tere (F)bankar (Bb)tera (D)hi dil (Gm)toden(F)gey

    (F)Dete hain..(F7/D#)Aeyy..(F)Aey..
    (F)Dete hain bhag(F7/D#)waan ko (F6)dhokha..(A#m)Insaan (Eb)ko kya (C7)chhoden(F)gey..

    Kasme waadein pyaar wafaa part repeat


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  2. SATHYA167

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    Nice song selection Jimi. One of my favourite actor and singer. The chords are coming out fine.

    Quite challenging to play frequent chord changes. My fingers are not so flexible. Yet I tried individually and enjoyed.

    Nice work and keep it up.............. Present generation may not have heard this song.............. Sathya
  3. jimihndrx

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    Thankyou very much for the feedback Sathya.. this song always give me Goosebumps whenever I listen to it.. Such true meanings of the lyrics.. This kind of lyrics are absent in present generation songs.
    Very well sung by Manna Dey sahab.
  4. vs.suresh

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    Nice Song Jimi... I heard this song very long time back during my schooling... Thanks for making us to listen the golden memorable hits... The chords are sounding good.. as sathya told its really challenging to change the chords quickly particularly in Antra...
    Thanks for posting the chords...

    Keep posting...
  5. jimihndrx

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    Thankyou very much for your feedback.. yes you are right this song is truly a golden memorable hit.

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