KASe saratil saye... Sandeep khare

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  1. iouz20

    iouz20 New Member

    hey this first time i m posting thread so pls .... reply n help me out....
    can any body hav leads of ....KASE SARATIL SAYE freom SANDEEP KHARE ... f possible cCHORDS .....

  2. lodhra

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    Song--> Kase Saratil Saye
    Artist--> Sandeep Khare
    Album--> Diwas ase Ki

    Hi man tried my best. The songs on D scale. There might be other chords but this comb sounds good while humming. Messed up the lyrics. Sorry for that. The Interlude part has to be worked out. Short on time. But i guess it just made up of G and D chord interchange. Suggestions please.

    D-----> xx0232
    Dsus--> xx0233
    D7----> xx0212
    G-----> 355433

    Kase Saratil Saye

    Tujhya vina

    Dis Maje

    Saratil Na

    Gulabachi Phul Don

    Roj Ratri Dolyatun

    Musu Musu Pani Saang

    Bhartil Naa
  3. iouz20

    iouz20 New Member

    thanks for the efforts

    thanks buddy i will surely practise this cords but i really want tabs of this song so... please if u can ... i knw u can....:)

  4. sushpop

    sushpop New Member

    Can you please provide the tabs of this song....... I can't play chords.
  5. ksphadke

    ksphadke New Member

    thanx frnds... i'll try them.... but plz can neone provide chords for other songs also.....

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