Karukara by Avial - URGENT!!

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  1. ChileanDude

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    Hello everyone! I am a Chilean living in the US. I've played guitar for many years and I have a great love for Indian Culture and Music due to the many Indians I've met here in this country!
    I am playing a concert next week with some friends and we want to do the song Karukara by Avial. I've been tabbing the song, got the beginning Close enough to being right. But I need the rest of the song to double check what I'm playing and also and MOST IMPORTANTLY:


    It doesn't have to be perfect, but something close enough for a three-piece version of the song.

    Thanks in advance guys! I really hope you guys can help!!!

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  2. ChileanDude

    ChileanDude New Member

    Oh by the way...on the above link I have added the PDF version of the Guitar Pro file I have so far...PLEASE HELP GUYS!!!!
  3. Royalstrummer

    Royalstrummer New Member

    hey i too need the bass tab for karukara
  4. alexis_alicia

    alexis_alicia New Member

    dude give me the gp tab
  5. rohithrajeev

    rohithrajeev New Member

    hey bass lines are written by naresh kamath...
    itz realli very tough to play those lines as well to tab them off :(
    tried so much but cant
  6. fernandoalonso

    fernandoalonso New Member


    i'm from bangalore...i've been learning guitar for 10 months now....for all you pro's out there....any suggestions to help this amateur reach your level of guitaring.....and thanks a lot for the karukara tabs.....
  7. tots

    tots New Member

    can u send the guitar tab of katturumbu by gayaal
  8. tots

    tots New Member

    can u send guitar tab for hello by lionel richie
  9. clintjos99

    clintjos99 New Member

    could any one giv me chords or tabs for katturumb by gayaan

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