Kanne Kalaimanne tabs

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  1. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    Hi guys, i worked out Kanne kalaimane tab.. Comment me to improve it or so...




    Trying to get the full song will update after i reach it!!
  2. dineshdg87

    dineshdg87 New Member

    good try man.. but at some places it looks unmatching.
  3. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    thnx man.. i'll check it out!!
  4. arun14

    arun14 New Member

    nice job dude...
  5. Kaveen

    Kaveen New Member

    Hi Were you able to get us full song, this was great, take care
  6. Kaveen

    Kaveen New Member

    Excellent Brother, especially my 8 year old son enjoyed playing it, only thalattu is not matching. Would be great to have full song when you get them. look forward.
    anyway thanks from my son, Kaveen
  7. dineshdg87

    dineshdg87 New Member

    yes it sounds different.
  8. infantrocks

    infantrocks New Member

    very nice man..... try for ful song....!
  9. killerapp7

    killerapp7 New Member

    Well tried

    Starting is right......But the songs goes like this


    It can be played here too

  10. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    thnx arun14..
  11. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    Thank u Kaveen.. i was busy these days and nw im trying to get on with it;
    and i hope ur little boy is happy
  12. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    thnx infantrocks
  13. arun88guy

    arun88guy New Member

    I get the starting in G string but thereafter i don understand it well anyway thnx for ur comment killerapp7
  14. dinuad

    dinuad New Member

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