Kanne kalaimaane guitar chords

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    Song:Kanne kalaimaane.
    Film:Moondram pirai.
    Scale:Ebm (2/4).

    Kanne |Ebm|%|%|%|
    Kanden |B|%|%|%|
    Anthi |E|%|Dm|%|
    Aandavanai |E|%|Dm|%|
    Aariraro |Ebm|D|Ebm|E|

    Oomai |E|%|%|Cm|
    Pethai |E|%|%|Cm|
    Neeyo |Dm|%|Eb|%|
    Yeno |C#|%|A#|Ebm
    Kanne. . .

    In this song correctly changing the chords during the lines.
    Thank you so much.Tell your suggestions pls.
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