Kangna - Rakesh and Zeus (acoustic), Guitar tab

Discussion in 'Hindi Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by mr singh, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    here this is my version of the tab, i think its correct, tell me if u disagree, let me no what u think of it, gud or bad. it is added as an attachment

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  2. billyboy

    billyboy New Member

    hello Mr sing....you are good man...
    this is a great song by Dr Zeus.....
    i have also tabbed this song and it goes absolutely like you hav done..
    i have made a mid file of this song...
    this is dedicated 2 you man and also all of you guys.....

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  3. tejas_9889

    tejas_9889 New Member

    billyboy ... u r a genius .. hats off to u
    mr singh ... u have done a gr8 job .. i was searching for sumthing like this
    billyboy .... can u post the tabs i loved them and am really intersted in playin them
    1 more ques...
    how have u made a midi file ..i mean wat software have u used
    plz plz plz post the tabs
    here r reps for u
  4. billyboy

    billyboy New Member

    i hav made this clip using Guitar pro 4
  5. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    thanks guys, i was waiting for sum response 2 my tabs.
    thanks 4 lettin me no what u thought of it, i appreciate it.
    billy boy, i tend 2 use powertab, where did u get guitar pro from, i wud like 2 try it out perhaps.
  6. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    4 sum reason ur mdi file was not working...
    finaly got it 2 work billy boy.
    it sounds amazing, well done.
  7. billyboy

    billyboy New Member

    i hav down-ed it from limewire
  8. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    aaahhhh. limewire!!
    y didnt i think of that b4???
    thanks billy boy
  9. jaikishan

    jaikishan New Member

    thanx dude ur da best
  10. rythm_divine

    rythm_divine New Member

    REQ:KANGANA TABS req. urgently

    u r awsum billy boy .. but can u plz snd me the middle tabs u played in ur music ....
    i m havin a litl difficult in doin tat ........... tx in advance
    nd keep rockin like this
  11. jove

    jove New Member

    great job mr singh and billy boy....happy tht i was able to get the exact tabs....thanks
  12. Cool Kish

    Cool Kish KishRocks

    Good going guys
  13. soh x nah

    soh x nah New Member

    hey guys . im totally new here. i just bought my guitar a couple of months ago n haven't really gotten used to playin it. well this is absolutely my favorite song n want this one to be the first one to play. i just cudn't really understand the tabs conmpleltely like wen i clicked the attached files the guy posted. yeh if any one can help that wud be great!.

  14. harmonicx

    harmonicx New Member

    hey Mr. singh , where everyone is appreciating ur work, i would like to disagree becoz u should have submitted the exact chords for the song.. ur pattern is ok but not the chords.. i have posted exact chords for this song in a reply check those out ..
  15. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    sorry, i accept the criticism... but am kinda a bit confused as to wht exactly u r tryin 2 say bout the chords... post the link 4 the correct thing
  16. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

    hey are you guys sure that ther's just 1 guitar being played in this song
    coz its seems kinda hard to play with just 1 guitar
    or maybe i can't figure the strumming pattern, watever it is i need some help
    would appreciate any comment
    thanx,take it easy
  17. iyla

    iyla New Member

    hello mr singh ur chords are pretty cool
    but billy boyz version is just excellent.
    You can import midi file in guitar pro software
    and can see the tabs & chords also how they are played
    really a gr8 work if u have made it on r own
    reps for u
  18. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    basically there r 2 guitars, one strums n the otha lpays the melody...
    thnks @ iyla
  19. crimson_remains

    crimson_remains New Member

    is it possible to play it with just 1 guitar ?
  20. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    well... not properly... in the piece, the first guitar plays the melody, n the second 1 comes in l8a n plays the chords... i in truth havnt mastered playing the melody and chords on one guitar, perhaps as it is incredibly challengin, if not near impossible

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