Kal Ho Na Ho- title song-Guitar Chords

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    (C)Har ghadi badal rahi hai (Amadd9)roop zindagi
    (C)chaanv hai kabhi kabhi hai (Amadd9)dhoop zindagi
    ..har pal ya(F)han jee bhar ji(C)yo..jo hai sa(F)maa..(Gm)aa..kal ho naa (C)ho..(G)

    Interlude 1:

    (G)Chaahe jo tumhe poore (Dm7)dil se
    (G)milta hai woh mush(F)kil se..(C)aey..
    (G)aisa jo koi ka(Dm7)hin hai
    (G)bas wohi sabse ha(F)sin hai..(C)aey..

    (C)uss haath (F)ko tum thaam (C)lo..
    ..woh meher(F)baan..(Gm)kal ho naa (C)ho..
    ..har pal ya(F)han jee bhar ji(C)yo..jo hai sa(F)maa..(Gm)aa..kal ho naa (C)ho..

    Har Ghadi Part Repeat

    Interlude 2:

    Rest is same.


    Note-@raga ok i admit that he was Ehsaan Noorani Himself.

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    Excellent one.... Keep posting chords for hit songs... I had put the tabs for this number............. Sathya
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    Thanks a lot Sathya.. ok i will definitely try it.
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    still he didn't gave the intro & the first interlude!
    how come he is missing chords like Gm7 & Dm7(if he is really Ehsaan?)
    Am9 chord is looking quite fine here but Amadd9 chord would be more perfect.
    Also iam not hearing any C# chord in the second interlude as he mentioned.
    And the funny thing is guitarist of his stature would spell the word 'guitar' wrong:)

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