Kaisi Paheli - Parinita

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  1. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    This is a nice sounding song from the upcoming Saif-Sanju Movie Parinita...
    I don't yet know the complete lyrics...so please try to guess where exactly the chrod shifts take place

    Here it is:
    A                               E(3)
    nayee .........yeh baaten hai purani..
    E(3)                  E(2)             A
    kaisi paheli hai yeh kaisi paheli zindagani
    A                     E(3)
    is mein nashaaa....(fill in here)
    E(3)                E(2)              A
    is mein mazaa...........pal mein hi hansaa
    here's the vocal melody.....
    E|------------------------------------------- \
    B|-10---7-9-10-9-7----10---7-9-10-9-7--------  \
    G|----9------------------9------------9------   \
    D|--------------------------------------9----    \
    A|-------------------------------------------     \
    E|-------------------------------------------      \
                                                        ==\  This is intro 
    E|-------------------------------------------       ==/
    B|-9---7-9-10-9-7-----6-7-6-9-6--------------      /
    G|---9------------9-------------9-7----------     /
    D|------------------9------------------------    /
    A|-------------------------------------------   /
    E|-------------------------------------------  /
    This is for verse....
    Chord Key:
    A = 577655
    E(3) = 779997
    E(2) = 476454
    strumming is very important....it is a colonial club kinda song...so a light beat 
    is how u play it ...here r some guide lines...they're not sure fire but will 
    on starting A strumming is --> d um   um d um d um ( 2 times)
    on E(3) strumming is d um um d um um d um um d um um
    in E(2) and last A in intro ...strumming is same as E(3) 
    The pattern is similar on verses....
    d = downstroke ...in this song ...not complete downstroke but partial 'thump' on 
    bass and 3rd string
    u = upstroke...in this song...not complete upstroke but for highest 4 strings.
    m = mute..
    if u can play staccato u know How this song is supposed to sound..also listen to

    the song itself for even more accurate variations in strumming.

    updates,feedback and full lyrics...if possible....will be welcome...:)
  2. ansh

    ansh New Member

    nice work dude....keep it up i like ur intro ..have to try chords then i say abt it/...
    :rock: keep it up awesome intro
  3. ansh

    ansh New Member

    nice work dude....keep it up i like ur intro ..have to try chords then i say abt it/...
    :rock: keep it up awesome intro
  4. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member

    Hey ...

    I play this song in a different manner.

    I use the intro base line and repeat those very chords throughout the mukhda ...

    The intro can be also played using the ffg chords:

    Bb, Gm, C, F (all barred)

    Play only the thick strings while playing the chords ... and slide from one chord to another. I tap the string after hitting the chord once to get the finger-clicking effect :p:

    Not sure about the La la la ... ismein nasha part ... my friend taught me this one ... and the mukhra sounds perfect :cool:

    - Raj.
  5. light_of_erindi

    light_of_erindi New Member

    I had done the song from my memory...so it might be off scale a bit....but i'll try ur chords....
  6. nikamma1112

    nikamma1112 New Member


    Ok ... I guess ... for best effect, one guitar should constantly play the chords I mentioned ... Bb barred on 6th fret, Gm barred on 3rd fret, C barred on 7th fret and F barred on 1st fret. And another guitar should play the chords as you have given them, but a semitone higher ... i.e. Bb and F ...

    Hope it's not too confusing :think: ... I'm not completely sure but guess that's the way it goes ...

    And have posted the chords for Kasto Mazaa, check them out! ;)

    - Raj.

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