Kadhal Oviyam Chords

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  1. kishmu

    kishmu New Member

    Kadhal Oviyam
    Movie: Alaigal Oiyvadhillai 
    D - 4/4
    Aaah 		| D | F#m | Bm | % |
    		| D | G |  A | % |
    		| Bm | Em | A6 | % |	
    Veenai		| D/A D D/A D | % |
    Kadhal Oviyam	|  A  D  |  D  | A D  | D  |
    Thensindum	| A D | A D | Em D/A | A D |
    Aanandam	| D Gm | D Gm | D F# | Bm  \ |
    Repeat Kadhal Oviyam	
    Kadhal Oviyam	|  A  D  |  D  | A D  | D  \ D6|
    Strings		| D |  \  | D |  
    Flute		| Em F#m | A C#m | F#m  \  |
    Rythm		| D  | % | % | % |
    LaLaa		| D A | D | D A | D |
    La-la-la		| D | Gm | D | Gm |
    Strings 		| D | % | F# | Bm |
    		| Em | GM7 | 
    Thedinen		| DM7 | % | % | % |
    Thendral		| D Gm | F# Bm |  Em6 F# | F# F#7 | 
    Neeyum		| Bm | % | % | % |
    Anbil		| Bm | % | Dm6 | E  D |
    Repeat Kadhal Oviyam
    		|  D |  % |  % |  %  | 
    		| D | % | Gm | % |
    		| F# | % |
    Rythm (Veenai)	| Bm | % | % | % |
    		| Bm |  G |  % | % |
    		| Bm  F#   Bm  F# | Bm A7 Bm A7 |
    Strings		| DM7 | % | E | E7 | F# | Bb Fdim |
  2. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    aah..kishmu danks..let me play and tell u
  3. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    let me listen to the song, never heard of it. btw dude transcribe kanaththil muththam . it would be of great help.
  4. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    Kishmu :

    Aanandam	| D Gm | D Gm | D F# | B  \ |
    Are you sure it is B at the end ? sounded like a Bm to me.
  5. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    BTW super chords man. SOme were tough for novies like me but the song just skimmed out from your chords. Excellent work. I really admire your ears.
  6. kishmu

    kishmu New Member

    andholanam: thanks for taking time to review the chords.

    The choice of B at the end - It could very well be Bm, but for some reason I keep hearing the Eb note. The chord itself is very abrupt (just before o-ho-oh) so its very hard to tell. I would normally assume F# goes to Bm. You can very well use it - no harm caused.

    Jay: I thought I had KM chords, but I dont see it in my HD. I will have to re-write :(
  7. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    Kishmu - thanks:

    one more clarification:

    Anbil		| Bm | % | Dm6 | E  D |
    You sure it is Dm6 ? Sounds discordant to me. PLease explain.
  8. chichu9

    chichu9 New Member

    Tabs Pls?


    Excellent work. r u interested in working on the tabs for this song(for fingerpicking)? I can work with you. I just need a little direction. :)
  9. kishmu

    kishmu New Member

    andholanam: Dminor6th I am pretty sure. The notes are D + F + A + B. The melody there is

    Yendrum (F . F B . B A )

    Chichu - I am not so much familiar with the guitar. Can some guitarist help him with tabs?
  10. andholanam

    andholanam New Member


    I hear :

    ;r2g3d2        pam2ma2; ga3ri2
    yendrum       kaaNalaa  aamm.
    which translates as:
    E F# B         A G# G#   F# E
    vocals do not sing the F note. It is F#. Please recheck.
  11. kishmu

    kishmu New Member


    I just listened to it again. In "Yendrum" the first note is F, not F# (I don't even hear an E transition. Its a straight F note) - absolutely sure.
  12. the_googly

    the_googly New Member

    my 2 cents

    Here is what i think...

    For this line

    Aanandam	| D Gm | D Gm | D F# | B  \ |
    try this and let me know how it sounds

    Aanandam	| D Gm | D Gm | D F# | Bm A|

    Anbil		| Bm | % | Dm6 | E  D |

    Anbil		| Bm | % | A | E  D |
    Even I do not hear F in the entire song
  13. kishmu

    kishmu New Member


    Bm or B - the choice is upto you as I already said. The A at the end of the line - you can add A if you want, but there is no chord played there in the original song. It will sound correct nevertheless.

    Dm6 - well two people have already expressed there is no F, but I still hear it no matter how differently I look at it!! To me, there is no mistaking that there is a Dm sound there - I in fact think thats one of the beauties of the song.

    Jay - are u willing to test this portion for us?
  14. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    I am no expert but I think I can also hear the bass guitar play F at that point
    bass seems to go from B to FEDDD
  15. andholanam

    andholanam New Member


    You guys are right. I do hear F in the base. In the head phones it sounds crystal clear. Sorry to have disputed it wrongly.
  16. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    or may be not.. ? Instead of F bass note I thought I hear a D. Let me see..will need to listen more I think..Later..
  17. kishmu

    kishmu New Member


    The bass plays D note. There is a slide from B to D. I think it goes higher than D and returns, but it shouldn't go to F note there because the chord is still Bm. It may be going to F# I dont know, but in harmony with Bm chord of course. Still, the chord changes to Dm6 only when bass strikes D note. What I wanted to say is the melody there *clearly* starts with F and not F#. Listen to IR's same line in 2nd charanam.
  18. kishmu

    kishmu New Member

    Another way to test it (as Jay also said), hum the notes

    F# during Anbil
    F during Yendrum
    E during Laa--
    D during --aaam
    C# during Kaadal

    Notice all notes are (beaurifully) chromatic coming down (except from E to D)
  19. andholanam

    andholanam New Member

    The base line I hear is this:

    B      B    B      B
    anbil odi inbam thedi
    D     C# D   E     D  
    engum kaaNa  la    am
    I am pretty sure now. There is no F note that I can hear. What rather seems likely to me is the apparent confusion of the 3rd flatted note of Bm (which is D) being confused with the 3rd flatted note of Dm(which is F). There is a glaring scale change in that line from D to Bm. The bass line clearly seems playing the Bm scale.
  20. kishmu

    kishmu New Member

    Cumon - you don't hear F note in Melody!! I hear it twice both female and male!

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