Kadhal ennum kovil

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    I know about the film and not the song. I will listen today......... Sathya
  3. vs.suresh

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    Thanks Rajesh for bringing this song to our notice. Excellent BGM.... beautiful melody...
  4. roentgen

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    @Suresh - It was Senthil who brought it to your notice :)

    Cool song. This singer, Murali didn't sing any more songs, did he?
  5. Guitarsen

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    His name is Kovai Murali, I see many of his light music concerts videos available in YouTube. He is one among the singers who disappeared from IR's baton in a short span of time. Notable others are Krishnachander (yedho moham), TKS Kalaivanan (Varuvai anbe - Garjanai), T.L. Maharajan (nenje un aasai enna). I guess Ramesh (radhe en radhe, oru naalil valarndhene) is an earlier name of Mano.
  6. Guitarsen

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    For those who are interested in chords:

    My version:

    (Eb)kaadhal ennum kOvil
    katti vaithEn nenjil
    poojai seythEn paattisaithEn
    (Eb7)dEvi vandhaaL (Ab)nEril

    (Eb)poovOdu pon alangaaram
    (Gm)paarthaalE en nenjaarum
    (Eb)bhaavam Ayiram...
    vEnil kaala poonjOlai
    (Db)kOdai kaalam neerOdai
    (Eb7)ninaivellaam (Ab)nee..
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  7. SATHYA167

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    Heard this song. Quite cool. I will try these chords............. Sathya
  8. go_join

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    Murali didn't sing that song surprisingly it was sung by KamalHasan
  9. Guitarsen

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    Surprisingly Kamal sang "Madurai pakkam", "Ponmaanai Theduthe", "Muthe Muthamma" etc for other actors, but not this one. Otherwise it would have been a big news that Kamal sings for Rajnikanth. Thx for paying attention to this song.
  10. guitarvijay

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    My version with very minor changes.

    காதல் என்னும்… கோவில்…
    (Eb7) கட்டி வைத்தேன்… (Eb) நெஞ்சில்… x2

    (Eb) பூஜை செய்தேன்… பாட்டிசைத்தேன்…
    (Eb7) தேவி வந்தாள்… நே(Ab)ரில்…

    பூவோடு… பொன்னலங்காரம்…
    பார்த்தாலே… என் நெஞ்சாறும்…
    பாவம்… ஆயி(Eb)ரம்…

    (Eb) வேனில் காலப்… பூஞ்சோலை…
    (Db) கோடை காலம்… நீரோடை... x2

    (Eb7) நினைவெல்லாம்… (Ab) நீ…

    Kind regards,
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