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    hey all
    i was reading kabira's couplets.. dohas.. and i found it very nice way to express feelings.. i started humming and wrote few last weeks.. here are they

    Jo agar tu karta kahi, kahat wahi jo tu karat
    Na hota fir panga koi, jagva hota prem magan 1

    if you do what you say, say only what you do
    there wont be heartache, happiness will follow you.

    Maan ka panchi bada anootha, bandh pinjre se uda jaye,
    mane agar jo kaha tera to, nirvana tujko dila de 2

    bird called mind is very interesting, fly away from locked cage
    if he does what you would say, he can assures you your nirvana

    kar sirf itna tu abhi, jitna sambhla jaye,
    bada chuha jo nigal gaya, aab saap bichara pachtaye. 3

    do only rite now, things that you can take care of
    after eating giant mouse, poor snake regrets.

    ram ram ka le kar naam, kiya naam badnaam,
    jo dekhe raam ne tere kaam, dil uska bhi jal jaye. 4

    By chanting Ram’s name, you disgraced his name,
    If he could see what you did, he surely would be embarrassed

    jivan ki bas eek hi aas, kab mitegi meri yeh pyaas,
    jate kaha bas yeh bata de, chalte chalte thak gaye pav. 5

    There is only one question, when I will quench my thirst,
    Tell me where I will have to go, I am tired of walking clueless.

    abhimaan tu kar kar ke, na kar apna apaman,
    khud kahe na bade hote, yeah shayad kaheta kabira aaj. 6

    Don’t be proud of yourself, you will dishonor yourself
    You wont become superior if you say so, that what might Kabira have said.

    aap hase to jag hasa, aap roye jag roye,
    thank u jo apne kah diya, dil gad gad ho jaye. 7

    when you smile world smile, when you cry world cry,
    by saing just thank you, you have just made my day.

    ku rovat he raat ko, so ja na chup chap,
    kal din fir aayega, kar lena baki kaam. 8

    why you sleeping at night, go back to sleep quietly,
    sun will rise again tomorrow, then finish your left work.

    Me going from left to right, don’t u try to stop me tonight,
    I will fly from here to moon; don’t wake me up to spoil my mood. 9

    Never knew it will be so funny, going naked when it so sunny,
    I just wanted to go full tan, never knew I will be damned. 10

    karta rah tu apna karam, kahe fal ki chinta hoy,
    jitna tera hai tu payega, na kam jyada hoy. 11

    You just keep on doing what you can, don’t worry of what you would get,
    You will get what you deserve, nothing less or more ever given.

    hui raat fir huva savera, jo aya usko hai jana,
    kar aisa tu kaam yaha par, yaad kare tujko jane par. 12

    Night is gone its morning again, one who came has to go,
    Do such work while you are here; you remembered when you are gone.

    chalti rahti tu nirantar, nadiya kese rahti to nirmal,
    chalti rahti me nirantar, rahti isi liye me nirmal. 13

    You always keep on running, river why are you so clear,
    I always keep on running, that how I am always clear.

    Naam naam me rakha kya hai, keh gaya koi maha gyani,
    khud ka naam likha usne fir, baat samaj me apne na aayi. 14

    What there in the name, said some very famous man,
    They wrote his name beside, I just don’t understand.

    I go out in full moon night, there no need of candlelight,
    One moon shining in the sky, I’ve got one more by my side. 15
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    Interesting piece of work... I am pretty fond of kabir's dohas specially sung by Abida parveen. It simply sounds amazing. Its a treat and out of the world experience to hear abida singing kabir's dohas.

    A few of my favs are...

    Jab main tha tab hari nahin, jab hari hai main nahi
    Sab andhiyara mit gaya jab deepak dekh mahin

    When "I" was then Hari was not, Now Hari "is" and "I" am not
    All the darkness (illusions) mitigated, When I saw the light (illumination) within

    Bura jo dekhan mein chala bura na mileya koi
    Jo mann khoja aapda to mujhse bura na koi

    I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
    When searched myself, "I" found the crooked one


    Kabir Yeh Ghar Prem Ka, Khala Ka Ghar Nahin
    Sees Utaare Hath Kar, So Pasey Ghar Mahin

    Kabir, this is the abode of love, Not the house of an aunt
    Only that one can enter here, Who has relinquished all pride

    I can go on and on... as i keep listening to this ....I guess this is one of the meaningful stuff i ve come across at this forum
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    psst psst... you forgot to mention the 15th one in hindi !!
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    thank you.. that you like kabira reloaded too ..
    i knew i will find few who would love kabiras.. what i love most about him is.. its simple and to the point..
    i just love all of them..
    they got explanation aswell ..
    u know for that thought we might choose some doha and start a thread discussing aobut it for todays world.. and we might write our own couplet with similar meaning..
    i know we have enough talent in this forum.. i m new but i am fast learner
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    nah dear 9th 10th and 15th .. i just wrote in english..
  6. cruithne_86

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    thanks for rep G_F btw.. dont know wat it is .. but i think its precious..
  7. Varshita

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    Oh..I missed dat..sorry
    Well That is a wonderful Idea!!.. I m sure we can take up one doha a day and introspect and everyone can come and present their views on the same.
    I m sure it will be hit.
    I know of the site that you have mentioned. I ve been there many times to read the explanation ... It has 38 dohas... so even if you start a thread today.. it can go on till 38 days :beer:
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    thanks 4 nice kabira's dohas n links
  9. nimisha

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    well i never really read dohas... but u aroused my interest in it... good work!!

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