kabhi kabhi aditi zindagi , a r rahman intro

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  1. ace_guitarist

    ace_guitarist New Member

    hey guys i feel this is the intro
    try it out and let me know

    G|.------------------------ 7p5-5-x7-
    D|----7p5 -5-x-7p5 -5-x-5--- 5-x5-
    A|- ---5----5-x-5----5-x------------

    x- mute ..

    i think this is as close as it gets to the original
    will post the rest of the song latter...

    SUPER MAN New Member

    Good work . waiting for the rest of the song .
  3. Babu sona

    Babu sona New Member

    Yes waiting for the tabs of this lovely song .
  4. Scorpion King

    Scorpion King New Member

    dude can u post it in an easier way
    i have jst started 2 play the guitar please
  5. JamesRevelation

    JamesRevelation New Member

  6. shiv1996

    shiv1996 New Member

    hello......i have just started playin guitar...nd was thinkin whether i cud get notations for the song kabhi kabhi aditi and give me some sunshine

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