kaalayil dinamum - new tabs

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  1. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member

    this is d guitar part only..

    i tabbd çoz f many requestz and no replyz..

    plz download, try playin hearing the song..

    and plz comment 'n correct.. :)


    btw plz upload any ''midi'' s of songz.. 'n i thnk i can giv you tabs... :)

    t.c guitar roCkerZ.. WaitiN for ResPonses..

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  2. jithu007

    jithu007 New Member


    'n hw it soundz...
    its my mistake dat i'v only tabbed a part.. so i'm posting the part i'v tabbd 'n played...
    hear diz play..

    do the rest if nyelse hav d will... : )


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  3. dineshdg87

    dineshdg87 New Member

    good job jithu007. what else you have???????

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