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    complete newbie. Just three months with an acoustic (Pluto :)). Happened to come my way, so i decided why not.

    But now its getting addictive :)

    Have put up a pic of the Pluto, probably is a cheap rip off. Could not find the model number anywhere on the net. (Who would copy a pluto)

    Found some good softwares to get me started 1) Pitch Perfect for tuning 2) Tempo Perfect for the metronome 3) Muse Score for creating music sheets, if thats what you call it.

    Was not happy with the Pitch Perfect software so i purchased an FZone Tuner. Pretty neat for tuning. Need to learn to tune by ear :)

    And Since I cannot carry the computer everywhere I will be buying a FZone Tuner as well soon.

    For learning I downloaded the L&M guitar series, simply amazing and the best video learning tutorial i have seen till date.

    and for kicks I also purchased a Belcat SH85 pickup.

    Next on the list the Belcat Acoustic 25C. If Anybody wants to gift me one please....

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    ya its addictive

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