just heard atif aslams bheegi version form Zeher

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by jayswami, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    and i think its much better than the other 3 4 versions out there, jal pari, jal,and the unplugged versions.. so guys which version is better?
  2. Muz guitarist

    Muz guitarist New Member

    who lamhay dj mix rocks..............................
  3. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    woh lamhay on JaLs album is the best :D
  4. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    the lryrics in the song r compeletely different...and i didnt like atifs voice tat much in tat song. but i liked all of them eqaully, just the film verision will be rated just a little low
  5. ImR@|\|

    ImR@|\| GuiTar MaNiaC

    Jal - lAmhey RoXx
  6. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    i personally like the jali pari bheegi version. But vocals i think atif had his strongest performance int eh zeher version.. they probably made him sing 100 times, one line at q time.. and fixed each line :p:
  7. Geek

    Geek New Member

    Well, the one done for zeher is total crap. ENOUGH SAID.
  8. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    its kinda grown on me... the zeher version
  9. rizwan

    rizwan New Member

    both wo lamhay of jal and bheegi yadain in jal pari,but this on is sure so much like and indian movie film.but its almost same stuff like jal's version.
  10. hira

    hira New Member

    song he did for zeher sucked...no offence..it was a disappointmet:(
    lol tht guy is capable of doing much better....
    Woh LAnhet from jalpari and by jal both rocked....
  11. hira

    hira New Member

    Woh Lamhey**...sorry that was a typing error in previous post LOL
  12. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    To me, the best version of this song was the unplugged version by Goher. That beats all other versions by far. But for some strange reason, I am addicted to the Zeher version. :confused: Its weird - They have made so many versions of this song that you cant really say which ones the original one. Theres

    1. Unplugged by Gohar
    2. Unplugged by Atif
    3. Lamhey CD Version by Jal
    3. Bheegi Yaadein by Atif
    4. Woh Lamhey Woh Baatein from Zeher
    5. Woh Lamhey DJ Mix from Zeher

    btw, @hira - you can use the "Edit" option to change your previous posts (like i did 3 times..lol)
  13. hira

    hira New Member

    :) thanks..:$
  14. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    hira put that song on loop and listen to it 10 times. u will start liking it. trust me :p:

    I am not atif aslam fan either.. in fact i dont respect him as a vocalist at all.. i just like the instrumentation in the zeher version.. its like modern indian pop.. rather than the pakistani acoustic guitarish rock.. which i have gotten bored of now. every pakistani song now sounds the same to me...
  15. Geek

    Geek New Member

    Jayswami: If you're speaking in the context of ATIF & JAL. Yes, all of their music pretty much is same and that's not rock.

    But i wouldn't agree all pakistan song now sounds same to you. All the musician and bands that i come across in here have different strategic effects and skills to make them different from others, and that's a very positive sign.

    Check out my recommendation list:

    Never change by Jehangir aziz
    Gunah by Andher
    Hamesha by EP
    Death of the reaper by Messiah
    Coward by Soul Vomit
    Daira by Lahu
    Har subah by Lahu
    Khushfehmee by Mauj
    Satanic dreams by Hasan Sherazi
    Lagey na by Visaal
    Nishan by Call
    Sajan by Mekaal Hassan
    Hum bhooley by Noori
    Hoor by Aaroh
    Bebasi by Razam
    Tu bol by Sahil

  16. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    i have heard all of them, checking out underground pakistani mp3s used to be my passtime. they all have some commonality. when i listen to an mp3, i can immediately tell whether it is pakistani or indian.. and it has nothing to do with the language and lyrics. after listening to scores of pakistani mp3s i have found a pattern in all of them.. all of them tend to be low budget recordings too.. which is a direct give away...
    Tu Bol for haasil for eg is a homer recording,.... any ways thats one of the reasons i like the zeher version.. the production quality is really higher than the pakistani versions. i mean the older version couldnt even match the shakers in the new recording..
    and why do u say jal is not rock? everything is rock.
  17. zohaib

    zohaib Shredder

    Atif's vocals are cool :p
    Film Zeher's version is also cool
    i m with J-Suwa-meee
  18. aeg0

    aeg0 Guitarıng Alchemist

    I agree with Jayswami - they really need to work on their recording quality. Take Jal for example, most of the songs on their CD dont sound like they were professionally recorded, they dont sound crystal-clear like other songs. An exception is Aadat, which was recorded and mastered in Mekaal Hasan's studio, which I heard is one of the best in pakistan. And the Zeher version really does have the professional Bollywood feel to it.
  19. axlrose250

    axlrose250 New Member

    jay i guess u must like nooris new song then. its completely different 2 anything else out there, not just musically but also lryics wise
  20. nl---18

    nl---18 New Member

    hmm.....yea perhaps geek says right ppl.....i also dont like....woh lamhey of zeher,.......he sounds good when he sings a bit rough......not a mixed song u know...!

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