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    Here is the situation-
    I've never played a guitar before.
    What i do intend on playing is instrumental/hard rock/metal...porcupine tree, Dream Theater, Buckethead, Symphony-X, Opeth, Eric Johnson and such.(along with some alternative/grunge like RHCP/Alice in chains/nirvana etc.)
    I have already decided to buy an electric guitar...I've read all the electric vs acoustic thingy on the internet. Will be learning mostly on my own(Maybe like around 4 months of classes just to get the basics/technique)

    The one's i have been recommended on another forum-

    Only the second one was available on Bajaao.com
    Is it a good pick?
    I want both the guitar and amp/cable/strings etc. done in 15k or 16k max.
    I was just told to buy a mircocube amp along with one of those.
    I would prefer it done in my city itself(i.e. chennai) just to avoid all these shipping head ache.(I'll order it online if i don't find any here)
    The problem is, can i just order it(if done online) without thinking much about its sound etc.? I really don't know what a good sound is, and even if bought in the city, i wouldn't know whether its a good pick or not since my knowledge is very limited and none of my friends play a guitar.
    Also, anyone know a place in my city(chennai) or online where i can find the rest?

    Thanks in advance.

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