just another girl

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  1. nandy0894

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    she was just another girl..
    with a controlled insanity in her heart..
    with a little smile on her lips
    never knowing where to stop or start..

    there was nonchalance in her stride
    a gush in her mind
    a vague ambition in her glide
    a divine twinkle in her eyes lined

    she was just another girl
    with poetry in her heart
    a mind that wandered
    in places growing apart

    she was just another girl
    who couldn't fathom the universe
    the histories narrated
    the mysteries untold
    the strange world around her
    everything was either too fast
    or too slow
    for her to know
    just another riddle she couldn't solve

    just another girl
    with poetry in her heart..
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  2. horsesmouth

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    hmm...just another "introvert" girl.

    I'm an introvert too, and these seem to be perfect.

    They are more focused, intense, and ofcourse, silent, often mistaken for rude.

    Good lines...
  3. nandy0894

    nandy0894 New Member

    i think there are 2 types of introverts-
    1. who show that they really are introverts.
    2. who don't..

    :) thank you!

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