Just A Stone

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    It lay there; unnoticed, unnerved;
    Sultry belligerence in its sombre verve.
    Wiped away from all it had,
    But its just a stone, that's all I said.

    Blown and shattered by dynamites,
    Disheartened by hate and dire strife;
    Unliving for ages, in the streets,
    Kicked and downed by haughty feet;
    It lays there, on the dusty earth,
    Disgraced by eyes of higher creed.

    I pick and place it in my hollow chest,
    from eons of storms, to take some rest..
    From blight to pride, they ask me why,
    To tell them reasons, a lonely sigh.

    So I stand in a corner, purse my lips,
    Blatant reasons were stifled indeed;
    Thought for words, got none instead,
    The world together, warred in my head.

    I place it back in the ruins of time,
    The stone did'nt find a place in mine;
    Could'nt bear to see the world go mad,
    So its just a stone, that's all I said.

  2. The best lines i have herd ..............

    The best story i feel u told ...and this reminds me of anohther peom by you about osme stone..........great rhymes and selection of words ...reps added
  3. horsesmouth

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    thanks yarr,.......so wht u up to these days¿¿¿

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