Junaid Jamshed : Us rah per chords

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  1. kl12

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    hi all
    here are the chords of the excellent song " Us rah per " by junaid jamshed..
    play chords as barred..


    D : x57775
    E7: x79797
    Bm: x24432

    (D)hum tum chalain (Bm)us rah per
    (E)jis rah per (G)sab he chalain

    (D)kyon na chunain(Bm)woh rasata
    (A)jis per nahi (G)koi giya(D)aaa

    (D)dil udaas nazrein udaas
    dilbar nahi gar aas paas

    (E7)din raat aah bharna
    aur beqaraar rehna

    (D)yeh khel hee bekaar hai
    kuch bhee nahi angaar hai

    (E7)is aag mein jalain kyon
    pal pal jiyein marein kyon..

    (D)hum tum chalain (Bm)us rah per
    (E)jis rah per (G)sab he chalain

    same chords for the rest of the song.

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    great work buddy... u always come out with something good... kudos for the great work.. cant rep you..

    will come back with a reply after trying it....
  3. kl12

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    no problem of the reps rizaaj bro...u appreciatd, its all for me.
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    good work...
  5. Radio Active

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    nice dude...

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