July Maatham vanthaal

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  1. ullu

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    can any one post the chords and tabs of July Maatham from the Tamil movie -Puthiya Mugam, i guess.

    please! :nw: it is beautiful guitar song
  2. sshriyan

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    July Matham



    |Dm|%|A7 A4| . A| x3
    |Dm|%|C|Gm7 /Bb|

    July Matham |\|\|\|\| x2
    Acham naanam |D7|%|G|A|
    Muthu |D7|A|A4|A|

    Repeat for male

    Guitar interlude |6|

    |D|%|A|%| x2

    Pads Chorus |G|A|D|G|
    |D/F#|G9 A|

    Vetta Veli |D|A|G|A| x2
    |G|%|Bm/F#|D /B|
    |G|Em|Bm /F#| D /B|
    Kadal Yennum |G|%|A|D|

    Interlude (after Fretless Solo)

    piano |Dm|%|C|%|
    |Dm7 /C|%|Am7|%|
  3. ullu

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    thx a lot, can u post chord fingerings, strumming pattern and audio guide if possible? thx again :rock:

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