JULIE (OLD) Bhool gaya sub kuch

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  1. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    I heard this song today after a long while and though I woud put the chords to it. It uses major 7ths and suspended chords. I have written the chords out though the names may not be exact as I play by ear. Hope u dudes enjoy and welcome comments. :cool:

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  2. souman_das

    souman_das New Member

    hi surmayee,
    this is what i always expect from you.
    good song,nice chords and overall nicely done but i think that in the antra E,Am goes well against E7.
    i was thinking of posting this song but you did it wondefully.
    reps to you.

  3. surmayee

    surmayee New Member

    thanks Souman for your comments and support.
    Nice to know we are "riding the same wave".
    Keep the music coming bud...
  4. aunnyboy

    aunnyboy New Member

    just recently fell in love with this song, still trying to get a hang of the chords u posted, but they rock as far as I can play them.

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