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    3 Friends Lived In The Same Flat On The
    110th Floor. One Day The Lift Wasn't
    Working. So They Had To Climb The
    Stairs. To Pass Time & Not Get Bored,
    They Said That, 1st Person Should Tell A
    War Story, 2nd A Funny Story & 3rd A
    Sad Story. 1st Person Tells A Story &
    They Climb To 50th Floor. 2nd Tells His
    Funny Story & They Climb To 109th Floor.
    Now The 3rd Has To Say A Very Sad
    Story. He Says, "I've Left The Door Keys
    In Car"...

    Once ßoss, Θfficer & Çlerk Going 4
    Meeting, Dey Met A Jin
    Jin- I Fullfil 3 Wishes Θf A Person. ßut U R
    3 Persons §o I'll Fullfil 1 Wish 4 Éach
    Clerk Instantly §aid '§end Me 2 America
    Wid Lot Θf Money' Puuff Çlerk Disappear
    Officer §aid '§end Me 2 Paris With Lot Θf
    ßeautiful Girlz' Puuff Θfficer Disappear
    Jin §aid 2 ßoss What Is Ur Wish?
    He §aid 'I Want These 2 Idiotz ßack At
    Θffice After Lunch At 1 Pm'
    Moral: Always Let The ßOSS §PEAK 1st
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    Good ones :)
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    haha..!! :D
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    hahaa...the boss joke everyone might be familiar with !

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