Jo Bhi Main(Rockstar) guitar chords submission

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    Song- Jo Bhi Main
    Film- Rockstar
    Lyrics-Irshad Kamil
    Music- A.R Rahman
    Singer- Mohit Chauhan


    (Em7)Ya Ya ya..Ya ya ya (Em)yeh..yeh..yeh
    (Em7)Ya ya ya (Em)ho..Oo..Oo..(Ya ya ya ho Oo Oo)
    (Em7)Oo ya ya..(Oo ya ya)..
    (Em7)Ya ya ya ya ya (Em)ya..(Ya ya ya ya ya ya)
    (Em6)Ho Oo (Em)Oo..(Ho Oo Oo)..
    (Edim)Ho Oo (Em7)Oo Oo..Ho(Ho Oo Oo Ho)..

    (Em7)Jo bhi (Em)main
    (Em7)kehna cha(Em)hoon
    (Em7)barbaad ka(Em6)rein al(Esus4)faaz me(Em) me(Em)re

    (Em7)Oo ya ya..ya ya ya..
    (Em7)Ya ya ya ya..(Em)ho Oo..
    (Em6)Ho Oo (Em)Oo..
    (Em6)Ho Oo (Em7)Oo..Oo
    (Edim)Ho Oo Oo..Ho Oo Oo

    (Em)jhanjaja..Jhanjaja..jhajhajha ja jhajha..jhajhajha ja jhajha..

    (G)Kabhi mujhe lage ki jaise
    (D)saara hi yeh jahaan hai jaadu
    (Am)jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai (D)yeh..fiza ghata hawa baharein

    (G)Mujhe kare (D)ishaarein yeh
    (Am)kaise (Am7)ka(Am)hoon ka(D)haani main inki..

    The guitar intro at the beginning is an arpeggio around Em7 chord.
    Make the chord and than pluck open high E string, than open low E string, than open G string and than the B string and after that pattern slide quickly from 4rth to 5th fret and 5th to 4rth and pull off than slide 4rth to 7th and 7th to 4rth and pull off on D string.

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    Dis chords are near perfect..

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