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    Hi guys, the full song is not out yet but i am too excited about it is the chords for the songs hope u like it...lemme know if need some corrections....

    Em7 and Em (finger pluck with some base notes)
    Oh yeh yeah yeah
    Oh yeh yeah yeah

    jo bhi main kehna chahu
    Barbad kare, alfaz mere, alfaz mere
    Oh yeh yeah yeah
    Asus2 ...Dsus2....Em
    O oo oo O o oo!

    Kabhi mujhe lage ke jaise,
    Sara hi ye jahan hai jadu
    Jo hai ,nahi bhi hai yeh,
    Fiza, hawa, ghata, bahare,
    Mujhe karein ishare, yeah,
    Kaise kahu kahain main inki |

    jo bhi main kehna chahu
    Barbad kare, alfaz mere, alfaz mere
    Oh yeh yeah yeah
    O oo oo O o oo!

    do comment....for strumming pattern just feel the song and you'll get it.....:)
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    Strumming pattern too... plz
  3. heyjoe12

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    Thanks Jimmy for the chords. They sound as good as the song!
  4. karan.different

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    (Gm)Jo bhi main
    (Bm)Kehna chahoon
    (Em)Barbad kare..
    (D)Alfaz (Em)mere
    Alfaz mere

    (Em)O ya ya…
    (D)Ya ya ya
    (Em)Ya ha hm…
    (D)O o o

    (G)Kabhi mujhe Lage ki jaise
    (C)Sara hi yeh jahan hai jaadu
    (Am)Jo hai bhi aur Nahi bhi hai (D)yeh
    Fiza, Ghata, Hawa, Baharein
    (Bm)Ishare yeh..
    (D)Kahani main innki

    (G)Jo bhi main
    (Bm)Kehna chahoon
    (Em)Barbad kare
    (D)Alfaaz mere
    (EmAlfaz mere
    O ya ya..
    O ya ya ya
  5. jimmy_cool

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    hi karan...the song has a more acoustic feel to i t so i guess the more open chords u use the better :)
  6. sonamstrums

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    i found it good...

    hey m new here... not a very pro at guitar... still managing and i found these chords pretty good.. the other one with barre chords was also good...
  7. jimihndrx

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    Song- Jo Bhi Main
    Film- Rockstar
    Lyrics-Irshad Kamil
    Music- A.R Rahman
    Singer- Mohit Chauhan

    (Em7)O Ya Ya(Em)Ya ya ya
    (Em7)Oo Oo Oo(Em)Oo Oo Oo

    (Em7 Jo bhi (Em)main
    (Em7)kehna cha(Em)hoon
    (Em7)barbaad ka(Em6)rein
    (D/F#)alfaaz (Em)mere- {2 times}

    (G bar)kabhi mujhe lage ki jaise
    (D)saara hi yeh jahaan hai jaadu
    (C6)jo hai bhi aur nahi bhi hai(D)yeh
    (Dsus2)fiza ghata hawa baha(D)rein

    (G/B)mujhe kare(Am7)ishaarein(D)yeh
    (Am)kaise kahoon(D)kahaani main in(Am7)ki...
    rest of the song is same.

    The guitar intro at the beggining is an arpeggio around Em7 chord.
    Make the chord and than pluck open high E string, than open low E string, than open G string and than the B string and after that pattern slide quickly from (4rth to 5th fret and 5th to 4rth and pull off) than slide (4rth to 7th and 7th to 4rth and pull off) on D string.

    This is not a perfect tabs for this song u can correct me by sending ur replies.
  8. shoubhik

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