Jiyein Kyun-Dum Maaro Dum Acoustic Guitar cover

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    Hey guys...i watched the movie yesterday....and it's actually pretty decent...not fabulous...neither boring...it ahs got a pace which you get comfortable to after the first few minutes...
    So this is the song from that movie 'Jiyein Kyun' sung by Assamese singer 'Papon' I guess.
    Picturisation is also great.
    The chords are simple. You have played them many a times...it's basically
    Capo on 4th fret. and then
    C----Em---Am--Em for the first line
    Dm---G----Fmaj7---G for second line

    And then
    C---Dm--Fmaj7--G X2
    Watch the video..it will help you out.


    Enjoy and Peace.
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