Jiv Rangala - Jogwa

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  1. omi140788

    omi140788 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I worked down on the song Jiv Rangala from the marathi movie Jogwa.
    The song is in Bm scale.
    Here are the chords.

    Bm A D Em Em Bm A
    Jeev rangala, gungala, rangala asa..piramachi aas tu
    Bm A D Em Em Bm A
    jeev rangala, laabhala dhyasss ho tujha gahiwarala shwas tu.

    Rest of the song goes in the similar manner. Haven't figured out rest of the song.
    plz check the chords and correct me and find the chords for the rest of the song.

    Thanking you...
  2. bobtheweasel

    bobtheweasel New Member

    Don't forget to add a F# at the end at 'tu' in both lines.

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