jimi hendrix - the wind cries mary

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  1. varmas11

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    I hope that this cover will surprise people on the forum if you know me at all.

    though I'm not a real guitarist and more of the 'singer-songwriter' type, hendrix's soul and sincerity and songwriting are sometimes overlooked and he's just seen as a guitarist. he was a lot more than that and wind cries mary is a classic. he's a big influence on me and I hope that my poor guitar playing and inability to really cover him is instead seen as a humble tribute and suggestion to start listening to more hendrix.

    also, if you're interested, I can tell you what this song means. at least what I think it means. take it easy guys


    other songs to listen to:

    bold as love
    little wing
    castles made of sand
    hey joe

  2. satan_4_infinit

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    good going man...u know ppl always did curt kobain,nirvana n to some level metallica,dylan etc.. the only link missing...jimmy ....
    i too have a nudge for jimmy stuff....nice guitaring man.....evr tried jack johnson stuff.....

    b4 i forget care to share the meaning of the song and chords/tabs as well
  3. Keoraf

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    Another good job from you man, nicely done, keep posting man!!!
  4. varmas11

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    thanks guys


    intro and recurring theme: Eb E F

    verse: C Bb F

    transition into theme: G Bb [then Eb E F]

    solo: F Eb Bb C Bb [not the actual chords hendrix uses]
    G Bb Eb E F

    hope that this helps; I'll be sharing the meaning sometime soon
  5. azmanian_devil

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    The more I listen to you, the more I really appreciate your work. Your voice has this really nice tone to it. Very nice smooth sorta sound. Great choice for the song too. I love Jimi, but where I really admire him other than his guitar work is for the exact songs you have listed. Great music choice buddy.

    Have you checked out John Mayer? He's the best singer-songwriter out there right now. At least in males, coz I think Alicia Keys is pretty good too. Damn, cover some John Mayer, should be easy for you, after Jimi.

    keep the faith


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