Jimi Hendrix Biography With Dates

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    hey ppl, here is a biography of jimi hendrix... includes dates... much more like a diary written by another person...itz awesome...do check it out..!

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    seems...no1 likes jimi....:think::think:
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    aala hai yaar...
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    There's a small mistake in the Biography. It was initially believed that Hendrix got a fracture in his ankle after a Para****e jump. In a recent Biography which was written it is clarified that that whole Para****e thing was lie to hide a different truth.
    Hendrix was having a tough time with the cops for stealing cars, so escape that he enlisted himself in the army. He had no interest in the army either and wanted to get out to pursue his music. So he used to visit the army psychiatric counceller and tell him that he is falling in love with his room mate. After a few sessions, he was thrown out of the army for homo***ual intentions. This was found out after an interview with the then army officials. There was also no record of Hendrix's injury. The whole thing was made to cover this lie. By the way Hendrix was neither a Gay. It was again another story made up to get out of the army.

    Great work anyway. reps to you. :) :beer: :beer:
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    hmm... im glad u guyz liked the bio....thnx 4 da reps too

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