Jeeta tha Jiske Liye - Dilwale - Ajay Devgan

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  1. DesiPride143

    DesiPride143 BEHAVE!

    this one of my favs k, very sad song, took me a lot of time to tab it so please leave comments

    play it on any string i play it on G

    Jeeta tha jiske liye Jiske liye marta tha

    Ek eisi ladki thi jise mei pyar karta tha

    eik eisi ladi thi jise mei. pyarrrrrr karta tha
    9 is repeated couple of times in above line use nine as many times as you wish cause i didn't write it correctly.

    jaan se bhi jayaada, chaha tha jisko, usne hi dhoka diya

    usne hi dhoka diyaaa

    mitane se bhi, na mitagi, meri dansta
    (9) indicates that u can use nine too instead of 8 over there

    ek eisi ladki thi, jise mei pyar karta tha X2



    leave comments please worked really hard for it. any corrections let me know.
  2. shyam

    shyam New Member

    Nice Tab, Keep up the good work mate!
  3. ussy20

    ussy20 New Member

    my frnd...gr8 song, sounds percfectly the same....luv this song....keep the gr8 work up .... :beer: :nw: yaa....
  4. Shanuguru

    Shanuguru New Member

    Perfect tabs

    Well i'd say that tabs were ultimate, i'm a newbie and this was the perfect song i's luking 4

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