Jeena Jeena - Badlapur. In Guitar Pro 5 Format

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  1. soreng

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    Jeena Jeena - Badlapur Complete Song (Rhythm, Melody & Lead) . In Guitar Pro 5 Format.

    Those who dont have Guitar pro.....msg me ur email id's and i shall mail you the pdf. and reference tracks.


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  3. soreng

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    Nice playing..... try your strumming with my chords

    F/Bb Sus2, Am7/Dm, Am7/Bb Sus2, C/C add9
    F/Bb Sus2, Am7/Dm, Am7/Bb Sus2, C/C add9

    Dm, Am7, Bb sus2, C
    Dm, Am7, Gm7, C

    Chorus is the same as intro....

  4. Rākar baḷakedār

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