Jee Le Zaraa (Talaash) Guitar Chords

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  1. jimihndrx

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    Song- Jee Le Zaraa
    Film- Talaash
    Lyrics- Javed Akhtar
    Music- Ram Sampath
    Singer- Vishal Dadlani

    Verse 1:
    (Am)Main hoon goomsoom tu bhi (Bdim7)khamosh (Em)hai
    (Am)sach hai samay ka hi (Bdim7)sab dosh (Em)hai
    (Dm)dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta (Em)hai..Oo
    (F)jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta (G)hai

    Jee le za(Am)ra..(F)jee le za(G)raa..(Em)kehta hai (Am)dil..(F)jee le za(G)raa..(Em)
    (Dm)aye humsa(Em)far, aye humna(F)waa..(G)
    (Dm)aa paas (Em)aa jee le za(Am)raa

    Verse 2:
    (Am)Hai zindagi mana (G)dard bhari phir bhi (Dm)isme ye (Bm7b5)raahat bhi (C)hai
    (Am)Main hoon tera aur (G)tu hai meri yunhi ra(Dm)he hum ye (Bm7b5)chahat bhi (C)hai

    (Dm)Phir dil ke dil (Bdim7)se..pul kyu toote (Am)hain
    (Dm)kyun hum jeene (Bdim7)se..itne roothe (Am)hain

    (Dm)Aa dil ke darwaaze hum kho(Em)le..hoo
    (F)aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro(G)le

    Jee le zaraa part repeat.

    Rest of the song is same

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  2. sachinrockstar8

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    nyc sond wch is d strummin` pattern.........
  3. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    @sachin I was using
    DDDD DUDUDU DD strumming pattern.. U can use urs.
  4. Amkay Guitarist

    Amkay Guitarist New Member

    And The Starting Tune Is.....

  5. komal29

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    I am not sure about this being the original scale..
    But the chords are apt and beautiful..
    Reps for the original contributions and also becoz they sound absolutely melodious.Keep going

    Komal :)

    edited- I am says "You need to spread some reputation around before giving it back to jimihndrx"..I think i had given reps recently to you..:-(
  6. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    yes recieved reps frm you.. Thanks for that. Definitly this song is in Aminor no doubt about that. Once again thanks a lot. -jimihndrx

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