Janani Janani by Ilayaraja

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  1. SATHYA167

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    Here we go....... Enjoy & do post your views.......

    Janani Janani Jagam Nee Agam Nee

    Jagat Kaarani Nee Paripoorani Nee

    Jagat Kaarani Nee Paripoorani Nee

  2. SATHYA167

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    Janani Janani - Some more tabs......


    Enjoy and do post your comments...


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  3. ajithpick

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    i need the chords for this songs please do post
  4. roentgen

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    Jana(Eb)ni Janani Jagam nee agam nee..
    Jagath (Bb)kaarini nee..pari(Eb)poorani nee..
    Jagath (Bb)kaarini nee..pari(Eb)poorani nee..
    Jagath (Eb)kaa(Bb)rini (Cm)nee..(Bb)pari(F)poo(Eb)rani (Bb)nee..
    Janani Janani Jagam nee agam nee..
    Janani Janani Janani Jananee..

    Oru (Bb)maan mazhuvum siru (Eb)koon pirayum..
    sadai (F7)vaar kuzha(Bb)lum pidai (F)vaagana(Bb)mum..
    Konda (Cm)naayakanin kulir (Eb6)thegathile..
    ninra (Eb)naayagi(Bb)ye ida (F7)paagathi(Bb)le..
    jagan (Eb)mohini nee..simma vaagini nee..
    jagan (Bb7)mohini nee..simma (F7)vaagini nee..

  5. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    This song is set in Kalyani Raga. A song completely within Kalayani Ragam without any 'Anniya Swaras'. This shows the greatness of Ilayaraja, taking the carnatic raga to someone not knowing the ragam but who can still enjoy the tune. Whoever, listens to this song will no doubt start humming...................... Sathya
  6. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    @Sathya - What are the notes in Kalyani raaga (in Eb scale)?
  7. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    The C Major Notes - C D E F G A B - corresponds to Shankarabharanam - Bhilawal in Hindusthani.
    In carnatic way this is written as " s Ri2 Ga3 Ma1 P Da2 Ni3 S " This is 'Arohanam' of the raga & the reverse of this is the 'Avarohanam'.

    The only change for Kalyani raga is F# instead of F. The western notes come as C D E F# G A B.
    In carnatic way this is written as " s Ri2 Ga3 Ma2 P Da2 Ni3 S " This is 'Arohanam' of the raga & the reverse of this is the 'Avarohanam'.

    Both the ragas are sampoorna ragas with all 7 notes - Melakartha ragams.

    I only know that the raga can be started in any place in guitar and we need to maintain the above said rule. I generally play the ragas starting from the note 'D'.

    I do not know the exact answer for your question. If anyone can help it would be a great lesson for me.

  8. roentgen

    roentgen Member

    Thanks for the info Sathya.
    In Eb scale the notes should be Eb F G A Bb C D.
    I however think there is an 'anniya swara' once in this song.
    G# (F in C major scale) can be heard at the high 'Jagan mohini nee...'.
    The notes are D F G G# F D C B......A C D Eb C A G F....
    My carnatic music knowledge is zero.
    Maybe someone with a stronger carnatic base can comment.

  9. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I am equally zero in carnatic music. I expect someone else to come to our rescue.

    As I said, I start the song in D note as 's' and go to higher octaves for Jagan mohini nee and still able to get some reasonable tune. I will post the refined tabs shortly. In my opinion we can not exactly play the carnatic notes and get the feel of the song if the particular raga is gamakam prone - For example, Shankarabharanam and Thodi. Guitar has limitations as against a violin in this matter. We can not hold 3 or 4 or 5 notes simultaneously just like we do in a key board................... Sathya
  10. ajithpick

    ajithpick New Member

    thank you very much it s awesome
  11. SATHYA167

    SATHYA167 New Member

    As promised the refined tabs are seen in this attached file. This time, I have given both the carnatic and western notes with the tabs.

    Hope you would enjoy this song and please do put your views and comments..... Sathya

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  12. GuitarKnight

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    Hi Sathya,

    This is Awesome...Thanks alot..
    Its really helpful. I could get good knowledge..

    Please give us more knowledge on both carnatic and Werstern..
    Also explain about ragas too...
  13. rxr73

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    thanks for this post..

    keep it going guys. luv this forum..
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    you have amazing knowledge man......time here is 11pm in halifax, i just realised there is some more reasons to live in the world, thanks you
  15. SATHYA167

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    You are welcome. Thanks. Continue to play the songs and enjoy............. Sathya
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    Yes. buddy u r right ! born as common man is not wrong but living as such is wrong


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