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Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by rohan_kadbe, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. rohan_kadbe

    rohan_kadbe New Member

    Hi all

    I hv been playing guitar for 1.5 yr just bought(1/1/11) DEAN Vendetta electric guitar one hell of a mean machine....I am still learning, can play leads/rythm/riffs.....so if u guys r SERIOUS for a "jamming/forming a band" post here....drummers...bass....keyboard...guitarist..tabla...flute...
    I live near marathalli and working in a s/w company....
  2. oska

    oska New Member


    I can only play rhythm now, but working hard to play lead.

    I have written many songs and have ideas in my head as to what they should sound like. I am sure my lyrics are good because i am a poet and my work was published by Penguin.
    But i cant sing.

    What is the status of your band now? Let me know.


  3. bfarooqui

    bfarooqui New Member

    Rhythm Guitar and Vocalist

    Hi Rohan,

    i play rhthm and Vocals, like soft rock and do like to jam & compose. New to Bangalore.

    If interested , lets catch up.


  4. rohan_kadbe

    rohan_kadbe New Member

    Where do u live??
  5. bludwulfbane

    bludwulfbane New Member

    Hey Rohan ,
    I've been playing for a couple o years now. I live in HSR sector I, I play lotsa thrashy/ Heavy stuff..... mostly classics. I'd like to jam ...
  6. rohan_kadbe

    rohan_kadbe New Member

    we need a drummer and bassist..there is a concert in pune...check "nh1.in"....we can meetup after 20 nov and plan some songs to cover...
  7. Sumanovo razor

    Sumanovo razor New Member

    hey...playing guitar for last 5years...new to bangalore...wanna jam...living in chamrajpet...i have learnt guitar ...i know to sing also...have learnt classical vocals...for 5years...

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