James Blunt - You're Beautiful (cover)

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  1. akkyy21

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  2. anshphenomenon

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    great stuff..
    good guitaring..and singing is great!!
    good job!!
  3. vini

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    good going man!...very nice

  4. bjr

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    It was low to sound like the actual song though thats not really a negative comment....and he's got this weird way of saying beautiful like he's trying to hold his tummy in it's place while he says it.

    I didn't like the guitaring...it was too full for the song. It was too much at the fore for this song. Yeah, you've got a nice guitar and a nice strumming hand but you don't have to shove it to the front.

    A decent job nonetheless.
  5. Johny Bravo

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    Very good indeed. Didnt even need bass. But some suggestions.

    1- Capo at 7th fret, and then play these very chords.

    2- Take the vox to the higher scale to match guitaring.

    3- Do not discontinue strumming while singing, but i loved ur way nevertheless. Also speed up a little.

    4- Re-EQ the song. Add louder vocals. Can't catch em clearly coz the guitar was too resonant. Sounded like a piezo recording though. Try recording by placing a mic right in front of 12th fret at abt 1 foot distance from the guitar. Wud do u some good.

    Do these, and u have enough potential to hit MTV!
  6. CrYpTiC_angel

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    Great singing :)

    Didnt like the guitaring though.. bjr couldnt have said it better as to why.
  7. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    @bjr :

    Totally agree to wat u say. Though the song being on a lower note, Its coz I cant pull that "ur beautifull" on higher pitches, thats y u must have already noticed, I tried starting off with a lower pitch than wat am comfy singin "ur beautiful". But i guess it got no solution, if i sing that "ur beautiful" in higher pitch, my voice gets super distorted. <nee soln to this, pls tell>

    Other thing being Vox=low, guitar=loud
    Thats coz i recorded this on my new notebook, n was trying it w/o attaching the wire walla mic. Wasnt trying to "shove" neething neewhere.

    Thnx everyone for the feedback though.
  8. Cut the guy some slack will ya, good effort all round bro, i cant beleive these guys are looking at you through the prisms of proffessionals. A little too ambitious from your point of view, and a lil naive from theirs...Keep up the good work, production worries, such as Eq adjustments/mic placements should be the last of your worries at this stage of talent formulation and delivery, dont worry about em! peace out!
  9. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    To be fair, there is nothing wrong with giving simple tips which can help you make your recordings sound as professional as possible. I don't think what he said was criticism in any way.
  10. Clearly there is nothing wrong with it, there is nothing wrong with me telling you mate you need to cut back on some sugar and lose weight. The point im trying to put across is, its unneccesary information over load that is side tracking from the primary goal, which is to get better at playing, not at recording! It wont harm him but something that would be beneficial is constructive criticism to playing styles and enhancement exercises/tips. Peace
  11. sanju_strings

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    gud stuff

    how did u miss them leads they remain the heart of this song

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