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  1. desprado

    desprado New Member

    hey guyz m shoaib salman from karachi i m about to arrange a jam session in karachi so i`m lookin forward if anyone wanna join me then temme guyz

    awaited for posts


  2. rude_guy

    rude_guy New Member

    Its really gud...
    when u decided the date and location..so just tell me
  3. desprado

    desprado New Member

    hav`nt decided anythin yet u know i was about to manage things only n to b frank m playin all alone since a year so now lookin for persons to jam wid so where u from means in which area of khi?
  4. rude_guy

    rude_guy New Member

    i m from gulshan-e-iqbal...i have frnds playing gud guitar.
  5. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    hey mate where u decide to jam .. m from Dalton DHA
  6. desprado

    desprado New Member

    havnt arranged anything dost u can contact me at [No email]
  7. badboy

    badboy New Member

  8. navzzzi

    navzzzi New Member

    hey mate ...bein trying to form a band since 2 years .......i do vocals...English Rock most the times coz thats the genre me n my band used to play back home in dubai .....neway we all broke up soo im here all lol hopeless n stuff started playin guitar but gotta let u kno man .... i am jus a newbie when it comes to guitar man ..but hell yeah i can do rock ..RnB ...hip hop ..blah blah blah......n i live in drigroad ...karachi ..............k mate lemme kno if yaall interested in making this band thing work out coz i have been trying to make this thing work out but failed coz ive hardly met someone in khi who is serious about the band thingi.......

    n ya my email id is ""navzzzi@hotmail.com""
  9. navzzzi

    navzzzi New Member

  10. nadish

    nadish Active Member

    Hi all!!!

    Looks every one new to me here!!! I arranged one jam session in Karachi at Kashmir Road with my IGT mates FRIENDS, DR BILLA, TAZZ, ME and some more guyz!!! R u still looking for it now????
  11. navzzzi

    navzzzi New Member


    i aint that good at guitar .. jus started ..... but used to do vocals for my english band .....

    lemme kno wats on ya mind
  12. desprado

    desprado New Member

    aw m so sorry

    yar m so so sorry i`d been in some problmes yar didn`t checked this post ov mine m so so happy to know there r so many post see i`ve added once again a post about m finding jammin friends:( yar contact me at

    shan_4u72@yahoo.com i m really waitin to hear by u all

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