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  1. Ranjha

    Ranjha New Member

    there are a few songs like Khat (nazm) a superb lyrical melody, ranjish, maye ni maye, chaudvi ki raat and many more ghazals by the maestro Jagjit singh.
    All his songs (after 1995) are based on th bass and an acoustic guitar. I try to figre them out but it is very hard for me as i am a novice.

    Guys please tell the solo's and the chords of any of the non filmi ghazals sung by jagjit chitra ghulam ali talat aziz etc.

    I will be grateful deeply.

    links will also be appreciated

  2. heart_break_kid

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    if anyone has the chords jhuki jhuki si nazar by jaghit singh fm the movie arth (im nt very sure bout the movie name)
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post it !!!!!!

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