Jackson DKMG users??

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Oliver Varier, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Oliver Varier

    Oliver Varier New Member

    Hello There, what do you all think about the Jackson DKMG with the EMG 85 and 81?

    Im guessing someone may be using one here, Im planning to buy this guitar, any suggestions, reviews and comments about the guitar are welcome.

  2. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    u get jackson guitars in india??
    where>???????????????????????????show me!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oliver Varier

    Oliver Varier New Member

    Its coming from US.. Also Bajaao.com are selling some Japanese made jackson, check them out, I have dealt with them earlier, they are neat....
  4. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    You get jacksons in Delhi !
    Try going to Onstage , you get the popular RR3 also
  5. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    it seems to be a good guitar .. whats its cost ?

    u mean the US made jacksons ?
  6. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    Yes, they are the official Jackson dealers in India hence the prices are quite high , website's like bajaao.com get it from the black market where the prices SHOULD BE LOW ( apparently not !! )
  7. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    PPlease show me where in the Jackson website does ONSTAGE list as an officla dealer ...infact ther is no offical dealer in India

  8. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member

    NO doubts ..go for it ..the DXMG is a brilliant guitar .it will not fail you..be it the neck thickness ,the pups,the body or the finish..the DXMG will not disappoint..but remember ..this guitar will sound very mediocre when u turn it into clean..actually..u cant blame the guitar for that ..its just the EMGs..they aint good at all when it comes to cleans ..so..ifu wanna play clean stuff..dont expect this guitar to blow u away ..but the minute you turn up the distortion and gain..this baby wil blow off anythin you throw at it !
  9. Johny Bravo

    Johny Bravo The Boy Genius!

    @satch: Dude hez talking about DKMG, not DXMG, but I think u meant DKMG.

    And yea dude, if ur a metalhead, dont go anywhere else. DKMG with EMG81 & 85 is one hell of a combination. Distortion & effects stuff is at its best when played through DKMG.

    Super slim bolt-on neck with compound radius (neck goes flatter when getting closer to the body) that allows ultra low action with 24 jumbo frets, super-cool Pinhara inlays, lightweight carved-top body, huge belt buttons, licensed floyd rose with double locking mechanism, what else do u need?? Though its tremolo is not well reputed. Better change it to Floyd Rose Original.

    But as Satch said, it sucks with the clean tones. Well not too bad, but u can definitely find a more multipurpose guitar in this range. But get EMG 60 on neck for clean tones, and u are in heaven! Actually Im doing some research in the same price range, and plan to get a guitar at approximately this price, so I have enough info for u. The final verdict is tht if u play real metal/hard rock/shred stuff, then its a godsent guitar for u. And it looks super s.e.x.y too with that inverted headstock ;) But if u need a more versatile axe, check out the Ibanez RG2550E Prestige. God its good! To put that guitar in simple words, its a JEM without the monkey grip & evos. Also check JS1000 Joe Satriani model. I loved its tone too.

    Prices are:

    Jackson DKMG with EMGs = + $750. (Musiciansfriend.com)

    Ibanez RG2550 Prestige = + $875. (Google it)

    Ibanez JS1000 Joe Satch Signature = + $950 (Musiciansfriend.com)

    Peace. Let us know abt ur final decision.

    P.S.: Just thought, did u get inspired for DKMG by seeing Faraz Anwar?
  10. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

  11. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I can see dealers in Vietnam, Thailand, etc
    Countries that are at/less than par with India economically.

    But none in India?!

    Indian import policy SUX!!!
  12. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    SO ? what do you mean by SO ? who said FENDER has an official dealer in INDIA.....Just because someone stocks a product does not mean they are the official dealers...
  13. Oliver Varier

    Oliver Varier New Member

    Thanks a lot for Satch and Mr.Bravo, u guys actually helped me with the decision.

    @Johnny Bravo, Im Not actually looking for a Versatile guitar, as u guessed right. Im looking for a good axe for the Shred style. I already have a Tansen Jackson copy, a squier tele for the clean stuff, and a Ibanez S series copy.

    My other gear include Ax1500g, MT2, NF1 and crybaby 535q.

    And Yeah its not because of Mr.Anwar, I had my eyes set on DXMG for a very long time but Im not sure about the EMG HZ pickups, I thought of something with the actives, and chose this one.

    Eventually I found out Mr.Anwar seems to be using this one, and I checked his website, he is quite good, but not a major inspiration for me. My inspirations include Yngwie, Petrucci, P. Gilbert, Vai and of course Satch, and indian classical both Hindustani and Carnatic, and you know the list goes on...

    Thanks a lot again, and will post here soon
  14. Oliver Varier

    Oliver Varier New Member

    Mr. Bravo, any specific comments about the JT580LP bridge??
  15. Alfons

    Alfons C.F.H

    RETARD !!
    Onstage threw a welcoming party when they first sold Fender Guitars , Fender's chief Executive was there . Fender also announced they had endorsed Them Clone's
  16. Double Click

    Double Click New Member

    Why dont you take a look at the Schecter C1 Hellraiser FR ? It comes with an original Floyd....and u cannot go wrong with one of those ;) The black one looks awesome!!


    plus it comes with EMGs
  17. satch_attack

    satch_attack New Member

    actually..their is only one difference between DXMG and DKMG ...the DX comes with passive pups a.k.a EMG HZ .and the DK comes with EMG 81/85..but anyway..they may look the same ..but they sound different ..your rite johny ..my mistake ..
  18. aysh

    aysh -|h3 ori9in4| (ui!aris-|-

    ^ whats the diff betwn active and passive pups ?
  19. Johny Bravo

    Johny Bravo The Boy Genius!

    @"Mr." Olivier: Dude get rid of that Mister crap! Ur embarrasing me.

    N secondly abt that JT580LP (Jackson DKMG bridge), its stability has some issues. Throws ur guitar outta tune pretty soon if u pull the whammy upwards, and divebombs are also not very safe. And as u mentioned Vai as ur inspiration, then i suggest u need a pretty stable bridge. Better get a Floyd Rose original. Its gonna cost u around $100-$150 but its gonna be well worth it. Go nuts with it, and u still cant find much to complain about. But if not too rough with the whammy, JT580LP wud do. Dont worry then.

    I guess u have a nice collection of copies there. I dunno much about Tansen stuff, but the S series is good. If u r a smart buyer, i daresay u have S520EX (bear claw, right?) Good series.

    And abt Faraz Anwar, dude u need to listen to his music. I wudnt say hez better than Vai or Satriani, but hez definitely close, and im not exaggerating. Give him 5 yrs n good exposure, n he'll be a legend. Serious talent, especially when seen live. Try Chairoscuro, Lost in Spain, Where Am I, his whole album Abstract Point Of View. Awesome stuff.

    Yea EMG HZ are kinda passive pups. Get 81 & 85 combo. Good stuff for shred.

    And double click mentioned a Schecter guitar upstairs. I dunno much abt it. Saw a custom Schecter once. Tried it but didnt quite click with my taste. Its low end was weak, while I like warm, yummy typo bass. Might suite u, check it out before buying. Post up if need more help. Peace.
  20. nilu_nirvana

    nilu_nirvana New Member

    Reemal Investrade is the official dealer for Jacksons in India..and Onstage stocks jacksons thru Reemal...
    there's an Onstage outlet in Delhi, Lajpat Nagar, Phase 1, although there are more of ibanezs and fenders over there...saw a couple of RRs...one JS 30DK...must tell you, the finsh of the RR is awesome...and so is the feel.....
    the fretboard is extremely good for shreds...cleans were also decent..although somewhat muddy...

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