Jab Tak Hai Jaan Theme

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  1. Iamateur

    Iamateur New Member

    I am looking for Jab hai han jaan theme chords or notes...The song of sharukh khan jab tak hai jaan poem .
    Everywhere its about Challa.
    Any one knows The theme jab tak hai jaan chords or notes then respond here..

    Thank You :)
  2. Iamateur

    Iamateur New Member

    Someone please reply here...me waiting :|

    Someone please reply here...me waiting :|
  3. ImPeRiaL

    ImPeRiaL New Member

  4. Iamateur

    Iamateur New Member

  5. dernbach12

    dernbach12 New Member

    yar i need jab tak ha jaan tabs ! No chords please guide me thankyou ! ! !!
  6. thenandy1990

    thenandy1990 New Member

    intro is a chord only A chord with e n g strings then rythm with bm em a d
  7. Akash Ghosh

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