Jab nahi aaye the tum

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  1. mailsatk

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    Hi All:

    Can anyone please post the leads/tabs for the song "Jab nahi aaye the tum, tab bhi mere saath the tum" from movie Dev?

    Its a very beautiful song...I tried searching on the forum, but couldnt find it. If its already posted, kindly direct me to that post.

    P.S: My hands are only 2 weeks old on the Guitar :)

  2. mailsatk

    mailsatk New Member

    ::ReQ Tabs:: Jab Nahi aaye the Tum

    Hey fellas!

    No one knows this song?? Kya sahi gaana hai dude logon...

    kindly post the tabs for dis song, if ne1 has found...

    help appreciated!

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