jab Koi Baaat bigar Jaey

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  1. alirana

    alirana Old Time Guitarist

    pssst... meri bhi web site per tabs hain :)

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  2. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    Maloom hai...malooom hai...hehe:p

    Thanx for the tabs! Always helpful to get new tabs...:)
  3. thnx buddy i will try it later was tired looking for this music
  4. darpan

    darpan New Member

    Cheers man....
    Have been searching for a while now.....

    Have a new version.... will post it soon....
  5. Zion

    Zion *** Santana Ka Baap ***

    does anybody have chords for this song?????
  6. sfbaybass

    sfbaybass New Member

    Chords, maybe a little late

    Would appreciate some feedback whether these are close to being correct.

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  7. Vijib

    Vijib New Member

    Req strumming pattern - saawariya title

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks for uplaoding the tabs for Jab koi baat bigad jaaye on IGT.

    Could you plz help in getting the strumming pattern for saawariya title song, if aware of the same?

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