Jaane kyun loag mohabbat kiya karte hain : Mehboob Ki Mehndi

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    Req. By - Makdee
    Movie - Mehboob Ki Mehndi
    Singer - Lata Mangeshkar

    Origional scale - F#m

    This song have lots of slide, touching etc. however I am posting its
    simplest verson of this song .

    Tabs present right below the lyrics.

    Note : s , r , g etc. shows Sa , Re , Ga of middle octave while S , R ,
    G shows notes of higher octave . Please also note that R1 , G1 , D1 , N1 shows
    notes that is present on the left side of R , G , D , N . While M1 shows note
    that is present in the right side of M.

    HUMMING :-

    P G1 R , R G1 R S d S

    Iss zamaane mein Iss mohabbat ne
    P___P P D___PG1__P__P P D___PG1

    Kitne dil tode.....kitne ghar phookae
    P P___P_DPG1__G1P_G1P__R R

    Jaane kyun loag mohabbat kiya.......karte hain
    RG1R__S d__S__SG1RSd__G1G1P__RR___R

    Dil.....ke badle darde...dil....liya.......karte hain
    RG1__R_SdS__SG1R__Sd__G1G1P__R R___R

    STANZA :-

    Tanhai.....milti hai mehfil nahi......milti
    PM1PPM1_G1R_R__G1DP_M1G1__R R

    Raahe mohabbat mein kabhi manzil....nahi milti
    G1RSd_d d M M__M___MM___PD1MD1_PM_G1R

    Dil toot jaata hai naakaam hota hai
    S__RG1_R R__R_S R G1__R R__R

    Ulfat mein loagon ka...... yahi anjaam....hota hai
    S SR_Sd__SRSd_SRSd__SR__dG1RR___RR__R
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    Thanks to all the members of your group to provide me the notation of that
    lovely song .

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