Jaana hai BY LuCki Ali..Audio+Chords...enJOY

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    Hello Budds

    Here is the sweet song from "KASAK" sang by Lucky Ali and music by my Fevrate Music Directer "M. M. Kareem"

    here is the link to cover song...

    here are the chords
    Jaana hai jaana hai chalate hi jaana hai
    na koi apna hai na koi theekana hai
    Sabhi raastein naaraj hai
    manzil ki aahato se raahi begana hai
    jaana hai jaana hai

    Stanza 1
    Kya kabhi saahil bhi tufaan me dhalate hai
    shab magar aayega housale kehete hai
    Sholon pe kaanton pe hasake chal sakate hai
    Apni taqdeeron ko hum yu badal sakate hai
    bigade haalaton me dil ko samzaana hai
    jaana hai jaana hai chalate hi jaana hai

    2nd stanza same as first
    Khwaabon ki duniya me yaadon ke rele me
    Aadami tanaha hai bheed me mele me
    Zindagi me aisa mod bhi aata hai
    khwaab ruk jaate hai waqt tham jaata hai
    Aise me mushakil age badh paana hai

    jaana hai jaana hai chalate hi jaana hai

    Lyric might be wrong at couple of places...so, please correct me if you find any mistake...:beer:

    Please check it out....Waiting for the feedback...comments....:beer:
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  2. gonewiththeway

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    gr8 work dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. jozko

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    Nice! i really njoyed it sarang. haven't heart OST yet. Keep on posting
  4. good one sarang...nice guitaring...reps for sure..keep it up dude.....

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