J a m k e: The remake of hindi songs - By Mudit

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    Hey all,

    Am new to these forums, but I have been creating my own "mixed" hindi songs since the year 1998.

    A brief history about my music - started off basically on my karaoke machine and a drum set. Used to make music and sing on a karaoke machine, thats why most of my songs are kind of bad quality.
    Recently got hold of a alright computer, and hopefully this change has improved my song quality. You guys are the best people to judge!

    My songs are only in hindi, I sing myself and I create music myself. No band involved!
    So check out my website, and let me know what you guys think.

    Listen to the latest song created by me "Le chale", it has some nice guitar tabs in it!

    Name: J a m k e: The remake of hindi songs - by Mudit
    URL: http://jamke.cjb.net

    Waiting for replies. Laterzzzzzz

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