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    It’s when you smile at me,
    Its when you say hi,
    You blow me away with little things
    And I swear I don’t lie

    Its when you lie beside me,
    It’s the things that we share
    I want you to know that
    I really do care.

    Its when you look at me,
    I can see your pretty eyes,
    They talk to me sometimes,
    I wonder if they are lies.

    Its when we touch each other,
    Its when we feel,
    Its when we kiss,
    Then this feels real.

    Its when you go away,
    Its when you are not here,
    I think of you all day,
    I miss you dear!

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    ABHI... AWESOME MAN! its SIMPLE yet vERY sweet and cute! :) nice work! and yea... WELCOME TO IGT! ;)
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    reps! :cool:
  4. walk_alone

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    nice,cute li'l poem inspired by someone. ahem ahem
  5. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    very good ...mere ko aisa bahuut accha lagta hai simply words simply poetic..
  6. @bhi

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    thank you guys for your comments ..they mean a lot ...appreciate the time..:D
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    very cute.....but afsos...cant rep u again...

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