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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by njangid, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. njangid

    njangid New Member

    Its urgent. I need. Beginners guitar. Help me guys ..

    Hii guys i want a buy a second hand or new beginner guitar
    I found a guitar of company r hollands. I posted the pic is it ok to go with that guitar
    If. Not then suggest me beginner guitar under 3500rs. I want it just for a year. Not longer

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  2. aseem_m

    aseem_m New Member

    Never heard of this brand. I wouldn't buy it if it was up to me.
    Where do you live? Search OLX & other classifieds, you should be able to find a Pluto, GB&A, Granada for about 3-4000 if you're lucky.
    They're decent guitars for the price provided you can find a good one.

    I've not had good experiences with Givson / Grason / Hofner which you'll find for about 2000 & upwards.
  3. njangid

    njangid New Member

    Thanx assem for reply
    I extended my budget to 5000rs or max 6000 not more than that
    And. Which guitar should i buy
    I live in shahjahanpur but i can go bareilly for guitar
    Suggest me good guitar
    I found some guitar model
    kaps st1000c or kaps st 1c or kaps st 100c
    Jimm acoustic or any other that i can get in bareilly and fits my new budget ...hurry m very nervous ...and exited about guitar cause. M a beginner and that guitar is going to be my first guitar
    Thanx in advance ..
  4. aseem_m

    aseem_m New Member

    No idea about Kaps or Jimm. Never played them.
    For 6000 you might be able to find a used Yamaha F310. The brands I've already suggested are decent.
  5. njangid

    njangid New Member

    thanx buddy i'll buy Yamaha
  6. thekeps

    thekeps New Member

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